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Long time did not write anything in this blog since I was quite busy....but alhamdulillah I can continue blogging. It's 3.27am...since I just wake up from a short sleep, I'm gonna share with you the next Success Principle - Become An Inverse Paranoid. I like the word, Paranoid! It's new to me!

But before that, those who left the previous entries, you may read the entries first by Click HERE and also HERE.

Every negative event contains within it the seed
of an equal or greater benefit.

When anything "bad" happens to you, always remember that everything that ever happens to you has within it the seed of something better. Look for the upside rather than the downside. Ask yourself, "Where's the greater benefit in this event?"

Look for the opportunity in everything. If you take the approach that "good" is not an accident, that everyone and everything that shows up in your life is there for a reason and that the universe is moving you toward your ultimate destiny for learning, growth, and achievement, you'll begin to see every event, no matter how difficult or challenging as achance for enrichment and advancement in your life.

Make a small sign or poster with the words : What's the opportunity that this is? and put it on your desk or above your computer, so you will be canstantly reminded to look for the good in every event.

You might also want to start each day by repeating the phrase, " I believe the world is plotting to do me good today. I can't wait to see what it is." And then look for the opportunities and the miracles.

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