Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hi everyone...now it's almost 2 am in the morning...my eyes are still fresh, cannot sleep and I don't know why. Maybe I'm too much thinking about many things.....

I just finished my power point presentation slides which I'm gonna present at Tuk Aman Bali Beach Resort, Kelantan in one of the event organised by my company and luckily this time I've been invited to be both sharer and speaker at the same event! First, I'm gonna share my journey in my business career, why I postponed my phd and focused on business and second, I'm gonna share about the importance of purified water in front of almost 200 participants. Alhamdulillah......travelling, accomodation etc are all provided for free. I grab this opportunity since I have a few business partners and also my network in Pasir Puteh to be helped and developed. Thanks Allah for choosing me.

Let's back to the topic!
You guys if you haven't slept yet so what are you doing now?

I'm too much thinking till I can't sleep well lately....to make it worse sometimes I sleep talking! A lot of things play around in my mind. You know why...I always think about my future undertaking, friends, people, partner, problems, family and the thing that I'm worried the most is my age!!! Scared to be old!...Scared to be old before my target achieve!  huhuhu...want to cry.

I'll be 27 in October 2014.....but my performance so-so, not good and not bad. I realize if I want all my plans running smoothly and my targets on track, I need knowledge and experience.........need to learn a lot.

I also think about seeking agama knowledge since we have to balance both. I always pray for Allah gives me extra time so that I can do a lot of things and carry all I want! Can I?

You know guys, when I was at young age I liked to look at the sky....the moon and the stars. Till now I like to count the stars and I'm so happy when an aeroplane pass by while counting the stars. For me it's a kind  of therapy...such a peaceful feeling =)

I also believe that loneliness can make your feeling calm and your stress release out. Last week, I did it! I went out of my room, sitting on the grass and looked at the sky....I talked to myself. Sometimes when we too much talking with people and forget talking to ourself...we'll feel that we lack of something, something missing....

Lots of things to do when you want to isolate from people...one thing is you can morning walk. Take time to have a walk in early morning. While walking you can get an idea perhaps...this always happen to myself. A great idea comes spontaneously, not in planning and not in a crowd.

All I tell you is about feeling of mine lately...maybe it's a transition process from young to old stage. But I'd like to share with you the four things that might give you benefit. This knowledge I learnt when I was at pondok a few years ago...maybe some of you have heard this but never mind just take it.

4 things give you benefit if practise it in your life

1. Tahajud
2. Stay alone
3. Fasting
4. Keep silent

Ok thanks for reading guys...=)